Bodycheck - Working Method

Scenery Working method

In this comedy the wall between the apartment of a hockey coach with caveman manners as well as his field hockey playing, pubescent daughter and the neighboring apartment, that of a magazine editor in Barbie manner, breaks down. This causes all kinds of confusion ;-)

For the realization of the production design, the first question was whether it would not be necessary to build two apartments completely in the studio for this frame story. But this would have been too expensive, so we decided to look for the largest possible room on the first floor, where everything can be built in, but which at least already provides the massive outer walls and windows. The choice fell on a ground-floor photo studio in the factory floor building style. Here we now built in all the apartments and rooms needed according to the script. For their arrangement, the wall that was to fall in was decisive. An additional challenge for everyone was not only how this 18 meter long and 4 meter high brick wall should look and be built, but how it should collapse. This as realistically as possible, without hurting an actor standing to the right and left of it or damaging the borrowed designer furniture.

Whether it succeeded...see for yourself...we sweated and laughed anyway !


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Living Room

Children Room

Sonjas Room

Collapsing wall during construction

Collapsing wall during shooting

Editorial offices