Continuity - Working Method

A middle aged couple hire young men to act as their son.

CONTINUITY begins as a straight-forward story of an emotional homecoming and turns uncanny as the two protagonists – a middle aged couple living in a small town in Germany – repeatedly invite different young men into their home to perform an inscrutable ritual. It remains unclear whether the couple has suffered an actual loss – or if their pretended sons are just a way of staying together. A total of three different Daniels spend the night at the family house. Each disappears under mysterious circumstances until we see them all in a ditch at the end – neither dead nor alive, neither in Germany nor in Afghanistan.

The film is based on Omer Fast’s short movie CONTINUITY. Thus the film is remake, repetition and continuation at once.

The unusual thing about this production was that half of the film was already shot by Omer Fast in 2011. The film was shown as an independent art short at the Dokumenta in Kassel. Now, in 2015, another storyline was to be woven in and made into a feature-length film.For me, this meant reconstructing Locations that had already been shown but no longer existed and adding new ones. In addition to the unusual chronology of the film, an interesting interplay of different time levels and different locations was created. Difficult to describe but a must-see!

Pastry shop/Bakery

House Fiedler