Ostfriesenkrimi: „Ostfriesenblut“ - Working Method

Since the premises for the praesidium from the first episode of the Ostfriesenkrimi no longer existed, it was necessary to find or build new, larger rooms that could serve for further episodes.

We found a lot of empty space in an old barracks area, which was predestined for several locations, but especially for the praesidium.

In a large hall, we tried to create as many interesting angles and vistas as possible by pulling in many transparent walls. Low-hanging ceiling lights, several layers of curtains, net curtains, roller blinds and Venetian blinds were to play up the outside and allow for many changes in lighting mood. Furnishings and props were to create an unpretentious mood similar to that created by "True Detectives - Presidios."

By removing walls and ceiling sections, better lighting moods and greater depths could be created in many demolition locations.
With the appropriate patina, the creepy factor could be increased even more and support the actors in their acting.

Another recurring location in the Ostfriesenkrimi is the "Fathers Wall Room".
A chamber in which the main actress Ann Katrin Klaasen retreats to enter into dialogue with her deceased father and to get to the bottom of his death.
The father wall is subject to permanent changes depending on the state of the investigation and Ann's mental state...