Ostfriesenkrimi: „Ostfriesensünde“ - Working Method

Scenery Working method Trailer

A special challenge for "Ostfriesensünde" was to build recurring, small closed cells made of brick, which were then to be smashed in again during the scenes.
The difficulty was not only to make the smashing in look as real as possible, but of course, no actor was allowed to get hurt or feel really cramped in or outside the cell.
How and what can be acted in such a small space, and how can it be shot in such confinement? On top of that, actually without light?
We tried out a lot using a model to then find a suitable sequence. Which walls are broken through when, how and where and therefore have to be built real and which walls have to be fake jump - brick walls. On the one hand, to be able to film into them with the camera and on the other hand, to create the right framework for the actors to play in, as well as to ensure a quick ascent and descent.