Sisters - Working Method

"Sisters" is about a family whose youngest daughter enters the convent. The focus is on the doubts and questions that surround the family, especially the sister (Maria Schrader) when they get together for "dressing".

Location blocks were:

The convent

This was to consist of several convents, monastery grounds and churches in Baden-Württemberg and South Tyrol. On the one hand, this was a challenge as far as the filming permit was concerned, and on the other hand, as far as the composition of the architectural styles and the layout of the terrain was concerned. So we placed the cloister of the Bebenhausen monastery against the wall of the Beuron monastery and connected the two with a monastery courtyard at the parish church in Merano. The church interior was found in Tramin, the monastery interior in Habsthal. In order to connect the sites, we built a "travelling monastery wall", which we moved from one land to the other. This enabled us to also make the Merano parish church grounds, which lie openly in the middle of the pedestrian zone, appear as separate monastery grounds.

The parents' house

Here is a vacant house in the style of the 70s. While the children's room with things packed in boxes is supposed to remind of the youthful days, the working mother has modernized the rest of the furnishings and rooms, the bathroom for example. One therefore only senses echoes of the 70s in the well-off, modern household.

The entire Location block fell victim to editing for dramaturgical reasons.

The landscape

The beautiful landscape around Illmensee: The only problem was that the film was supposed to take place in high summer and we had already reached autumn with the shooting. So botany took up an unexpectedly large amount of space in this scene, artificial flowers had to be planted, plum trees replanted and wilted chestnut leaves disposed of.