Technical Specifications - Working Method

Szenenbilder Working

Daniel Shore (Nikolai Kinski), on vacation in Morocco, is forced to witness the murder of his Moroccan lover's young son. Back in Germany, the student, haunted by feelings of guilt, moves into the former Beletage of his deceased grandmother's old apartment building. In the oppressive corridors, he soon meets a series of bizarre and eccentric roommates. Suddenly he gets another chance to save the life of the little neighbour boy, a second time he does not want to fail...

Here we wanted to create two counter-worlds.
A run-down Beletage apartment with an adjoining 25-meter-long hallway, various outgoing apartments and a service floor room at the end, as well as a staircase and an inner courtyard that allowed eye contact, was to be built. The color scheme: gloomy mud colors, dark green and ocher in contrast to the contrasting clear, light shades of Morocco.

For a long time, we were looking for a hall with a hole or a lowered floor so that the staircase and the courtyard could be directly connected to the hallway—this prevented building or splitting the main venue at scaffolding height. Fortunately, we found a hall and built everything, in the freezing cold, but in one piece in one place. Each room had jump walls and removable ceilings to create optimal shooting conditions. The kitchen and bathroom had already been renovated once in the 50s, but time seems to have stood still in the salon, bedroom and hallway. The main character fails to establish a relationship with either his grandmother's apartment or his roommates, intensifying Daniel Shore's predicament to the point that he ultimately "goes berserk". The scenery represents his separateness from himself and the environment; he becomes a foreign body in the room.  

My most beautiful assignment so far!